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If you’re interested in Social Intelligence, and Social Media Listening in particular, you’ve come to the right place – as that’s what I like to talk about. 

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I help organizations answer key business questions and develop new strategies for success through listening to conversation online.

I am a Social Intelligence Professional, with over 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy, Engagement and Analysis. I live in London UK and have lived and worked in London, Chicago, Washington DC and work on global Social Intelligence projects.

I believe that Social Media Intelligence, provide limitless opportunities for organizations to become more client focused and successful. Powered by Social Media Listening & Social Media Analytics, Social Intelligence enhances an organization’s understanding of their stakeholders and customers – allowing them to become more customer centric, delivering a better customer experience, addressing unmet needs or messaging and overall strengthening the relationship between the company and customer leading to measurable success.

I lead teams in:

  • Identify key business problems that can be informed by social media insights.
  • Develop strategy and execute social listening projects with our clients to answer or validate key business questions.
  • Manage social listening teams to develop actionable insights, extend market research and measure campaign effectiveness – to deliver impact to clients.

I have experience in:

  • Developing and managing a global Social Media Listening strategy, approach, frameworks and team
  • Creating a system, frameworks and process to develop Best Practices in Social Listening
  • Hiring, training and managing a distributed team of multilingual Social Media Analysts
  • Publish & share thought leadership on Social Intelligence and Social Media Listening

I lead teams to design and deliver advanced social media analytics insights and solutions across a range of clients including global Pharmaceutical clients, High-Tech, Energy & Utilities, and Consumer Goods & Services.

I’m a connector online and off – and love to engage with people and communities based on shared passion and purpose. I share my newest discoveries, favorite apps, infographics and digital marketing insights with others via social media and the blogosphere – so be sure to connect with me via Twitter.

Specialties: Social Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Measurement, Social Media Analytics, Social Media Strategy, Online Community Building and Community Management, Digital Strategy, Digital Channel Selection,

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