Matt Mullenweg’s – 6 Steps to Kill Your Community

There is a lot of instruction on the web on how to grow your community, add followers and readership online. But is it all about the numbers? Instead the focus should be about engagement and conversation. The value you’re providing your readers in terms of fresh content that is helpful or actionable. Creating not just a resource – but a forum for debate and communication. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress recently created a post on his site highlighting what not to do in being successful in building your online community and web presence.

I thought I’d write a guide for how to increase the number of comments you get by 400-1,000% and ruin whatever shred of community you had on your site.

In short his list is:

  1. Abandon Search Engines.
  2. Be Famous!
  3. Put the Comment Form at Top.
  4. No Subscriptions.
  5. Make People Click Click Click.
  6. Treat Everyone the Same.
  7. Don’t Ask Anything of Your Audience.

Read Matt’s full essay here at

What would you add to take this list to 10?

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