Social Marketing with Twitter: Monitoring Your Brand

Social media marketing strategies that include Twitter do not stop at simply broadcasting your message and engaging in conversation with your Twitter followers. It is also important that you keep track of what is being said about you and your brand on Twitter, in order to keep abreast of your reputation and the needs and interests of those you are marketing to. There are several tools available for keeping track of what is being said around Twitter about you, your brand and your products.

Twitter Search. Twitter search is now integrated into the main web interface of the Twitter service. When using Twitter for social marketing, make a habit of running a search on keywords, terms and product names several times per day. Use this information to respond quickly to questions and concerns, keep track of what people are saying and engage in productive conversation with others in the field or potential customers. Be sure not to limit yourself solely to terms related to your products. Also expand your search to related terms to look for openings where your products could solve a need or problem or be marketed to a new demographic.

Hashtags. Hashtags are a tool created by Twitter early adopters used to keep track of conversations and topics. Though they are used for many purposes, hashtags provide an especial help to those establishing a social media marketing strategy on Twitter. Early on, make a habit of using related hashtags in your tweets, and establish tags associated with your products. Using will help you located relevant tags, and making a point of creating your own tags will encourage your followers to use them when speaking of your products.

Tweetgrid. Tweetgrid is a Twitter tool that will allow you to combine the two tips above. Brand monitoring is essential for an effective social media marketing strategy. Tweetgrid will allow you to create several standard searches that you find yourself repeating on a day to day basis. Arranging several different searches in a grid, this Twitter tool continuously updates Twitter search results throughout the day. Rather than repeating the same searches for terms and hashtags over and over, Tweetgrid will allow you to continually monitor your brand reputation, customer concerns and the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.

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