Social Media Marketing: Building a Community on Twitter

The most important aspect of social media marketing is building a community of interested people who will carry your message, offerings and news to their own networks on contacts. When using Twitter for social media marketing, there are several simple steps you can follow to get you started on building a loyal community of Twitter followers. This network of Twitter users has the capability to spread your brand’s reputation father than you could ever hope to do on your own.

Know What You’re Doing. Before you dive in head first, make sure you understand the basics of using Twitter. The shorthand is also important to understand. A DM is a direct message, only visible by the Twitter user to which it is sent. The “@” symbol before a Twitter user’s name is used to indicate a reply, and RT stands for “retweet,” the practice of repeating a tweet, with credit, of someone else in order to pass along the message. Making use of all of these communication methods on Twitter are important to the community building aspect of your social media marketing strategy.

Utilize Search Tools. Many Twitter tools come with search tools built in, as does the web interface of Twitter. Utilize the earch tools to find Twitter users who are discussing topics relevant to your interests and follow them. Many of these Twitter users will follow back upon seeing that you share interests. Also, if your search turns up conversations relevant to your marketing strategy, join the conversation by utilizing the “@” reply technique.

Promote Your Twitter Account.  While your social media marketing strategy calls for using Twitter to promote your brand, use other web locations to promote your Twitter account. In forums, email messages and web profiles, be sure to include a link to your Twitter page or your Twitter name. When commenting on blogs within your industry, sign your posts with “@YourTwitterName.” By placing your Twitter identity in relevant locations across the web, you will make yourself easier to find and thus grow your community of Twitter followers. A large and engaged community of Twitter followers is essential to acheiving your social media marketing goals.

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