Social Media Marketing on Twitter: Create a Meme

When doing research on Twitter for social media marketing, or, in fact, for any kind of internet marketing, a term you will come across often is “meme.” Memes, pronounced like “themes,” are simple, user generated concepts or repeated structures that pass quickly from one person to the next, in an almost viral fashion. When you have established a solid social media marketing plan and presence for your company, you may want to consider attempting to start a meme that relates to your products, brands or Twitter goals.

A meme has to be catchy and easy in order to encourage the maximum number of Twitter users to participate. A popular meme is #followfriday, in which users suggest other Twitter users for following every Friday, denoted with #followfriday included in the Tweet. In establishing a meme, you will have to think carefully about your brand, your social media marketing strategies, and the best way to engage your Twitter users in a meaningful and fun way that will spread quickly to other users.

The main goal of your meme, with regards to Twitter and internet marketing strategy, should be to get your hashtag or keyword to be used so often by Twitter users that it appears in the “trending topics” sidebar or gets some press on popular blogs. Also, it may be picked up by, a listing of hot Twitter memes, if it ends up being popular enough. Crafting a meme related to your business, brand or products will involve serious consideration and most likely many failed attempts. However, once you find something that works, your Twitter followers will do the rest, carrying it (and your marketing message) to vast numbers of Twitter users.

When thinking up a meme, come up with something quick, memorable, easy to participate in and associated with a specific date or time. #Followfriday and #musicmonday, for example, occur on their respective days. If you run a blog network, you could start a meme that includes suggesting a favorite blog every Saturday morning. Crating a meme that fits in with your Twitter marketing strategies will take some serious thinking, but if accomplished, it will easily become the most recognizable thing about your brand.

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