Three Tips for Effective Twitter Marketing

Establishing a social media marketing presence with the intent of publicizing your business, brand or offerings is the newest and one of the most cost effective methods of creating brand awareness and product loyalty. Getting started is as simple as setting of a Twitter account, but some of the nuances of being an effective marketing presence on Twitter can be a bit more subtle. Below, find three tips for creating an effective Twitter marketing strategy for your business, brand or blog.

Complete Your Profile – Completely. When you follow a new person on Twitter, the first thing they will do when deciding whether or not to follow you back is read your profile. The more complete your Twitter profile is, the better chance you have of gaining a new Twitter follower. Include your name and location, your website URL, and a bit about your business, interests or products. You may also want to consider a customized Twitter background, with contact information and other sites on which you can be found. Be sure to include information about topics you are interested in hearing about or discussing so that like-minded Twitter users will consider adding you to their communities.

Choose to Follow Twitterers with Common Interests. Conduct regular searches of Twitter for keywords and terms relevant to your business or products. When you find a Twitter user with lines of interests similar to those your wish to promote, follow them. When you follow a new person on Twitter, they are notified and given the option to follow you back. Even if they do not choose to follow, make a deliberate effort to engage targeted Twitter users in conversation, exposing yourself, your ideas and your products to their followers as well.

Avoid Over-promotion. Whether you are promoting yourself, your blogs, your business or your products, avoid flooding the Twitter service with constant promotional messages. Look for reasonable and natural openings in conversation or questions to suggest or link to your products or more information. Try to tweet about your own products or interests only when you have news, are running a contest, launching a new project or otherwise have something important to share. While keeping promotional posts to a minimum may seem to go against the very idea of a social media marketing strategy, it is important to keep up at least the appearance of being interested in the Twitter community as a whole rather than just your own interests.

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