Twitter Blogs: Finding Tips & Tricks for Marketing on Twitter

While using Twitter for social marketing may seem like the simplest thing in the world, it does not necessarily always have to be. You can create a Twitter account, slowly grow a network of Twitter followers and broadcast your targeted marketing messages to them and be happy with just that. However, over the life of Twitter, many power Twitter users have developed tried and true techniques for establishing community, effective social media marketing and getting the most out of using Twitter. There are several Twitter blogs and blogs dedicated to social media that focus on sharing these tips in order to help you with the most effective social media marketing strategy.

Twitip., a relatively new blog, was created by Darren Rowse of Already a powerful figure in internet marketing and generating income through the web, Darren has created this Twitter blog to share what he has learned as far as using Twitter, gathering Twitter followers, effective Twitter marketing and more. His regular posts are full of Twitter tips and helpful hints, allowing your to better craft your social media marketing strategy around Twitter.

Mashable. is not solely a Twitter blog, but is instead focused on social media as a whole. Since Twitter is a major player on the social media scene, it gets a lot of air time on the Mashable blog. Mashable’s Twitter postings will keep you informed on the latest Twitter news and tools, along with helpful “cheatsheet” type posts including lists of people you can meet on Twitter, Twitter etiquette and more. For those whose social media marketing strategies include more than just Twitter, Mashable is an excellent social media blog for all marketing needs.

The Twitter Blog. The official blog of is surprisingly not necessarily the best source of information when it comes to social media marketing and leveraging Twitter for marketing results. However, following the Twitter blog will keep you apprised of downtimes, server issues and upcoming features that you can integrate into your social media marketing plans. Also, the awareness of instability and server problems will help you to time targeted campaigns, contests or other social media marketing strategies that rely on Twitter to succeed.

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