Twitter Marketing Strategy: Tips for Encouraging Conversation

Twitter marketing is unlike any other standard marketing practice in that rather than being a broadcast medium like banner ads, television commercials or radio ads, Twitter relies heavily on conversation and interaction. When you first begin a social media marketing strategy with Twitter, you may find yourself more as a participator in conversation rather than a facilitator. While that is an excellent way to get your brand and name established on Twitter, eventually you will want to encourage discussions around topics relevant to your business, product or interests in order to create organic opportunities to promote your offerings to your Twitter followers. Read on for tips and tricks for generating productive conversations on Twitter.

Ask Questions. When you have gathered a group of Twitter followers, ask them questions. The range of these questions can be huge, as the most important point is simply to encourage conversation. Take advantage of the knowledge of your Twitter followers to ask for advice or answers. Assess the needs and desires of your customers and clients by asking questions relating to your products and what your Twitter followers may like to see in future offerings, or what they like or do not like about your current offerings.

Take polls. People of all types love to have their opinions heard and considered. Open up timely decisions to the targets of your social media marketing, giving them several choices and asking for opinions on each. By indicating that you are genuinely interested in what your customer, clients and marketing targets have to say, you generate a sense of investment in the results of your specialized polls. An important aspect of social media marketing is the social part, and allowing participation in polls rewards your Twitter followers with visible results from their interaction with you.

Be interesting. Sounds like a broad instruction, but being interesting is the most essential part of social media marketing. In order to engage followers on Twitter for your marketing purposes, you need to think of Twitter much like a cocktail party. Be interesting, intriguing and offer up timely questions, statements and news stories for discussion with the Twitter community. The more discussion you can encourage, the more your profile on Twitter will rise. This is a necessary step for creating a solid social media marketing platform on Twitter.

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