Using Twitter for Marketing: Three Twitter Tips for a Notable Brand

Using Twitter for social media marketing is becoming more and more a standard practice for brands and companies looking to expand and connect with their target audience. When marketing on Twitter, branding is extremely important, to give a distinctive personality to what you have to offer and stick in Twitter users minds. While branding is often still a bit of a fluid concept, especially when it comes to using social media and Twitter for marketing, the following tips will help you along the way to establishing a solid and impressive presence for your brand on Twitter.

Broadcast Relevant News. If you’ve expanded your marketing strategy to include Twitter, then you have obviously spent some time on the Internet. When your feedreader, co-workers or other contacts provide you with breaking news related to your industry, share it on Twitter. Not only will this make you a valuable asset an contributor in the eyes of your Twitter followers, but it can also lead to retweets, where your tweet with a link back to your profile included is rebroadcasted out to widening circles of Twitter users. Those interested in the same type of news are likely to join your Twitter followers.

Find Out Where Everyone Is. At industry conferences, it can be frustrating to try to get face time with popular and influential people in your field. These days, not only do most people Twitter throughout conferences, but conferences themselves also have their own Twitter accounts. If you are attending, presenting or exhibiting at an industry conference, follow along on Twitter to find out where these VIPs are and what they’re interested in seeing. Befriending these social media giants can be a very effective tool in your social media marketing arsenal. Take advantage of the information offered on Twitter to arrange a brief meeting or one on one conversation with these users, in hopes that a good impression will lead to them tweeting about you and your brand in the future.

Monitor Your Reputation. Nothing kills a brand, product or company faster than negative experiences. Negative experiences and stories travel with amazing speed with the advent of tools like Twitter. When Twitter is a part of your social media marketing strategy, monitoring what people are saying about you or your offerings is one of the main benefits of the service. By keeping track of what is being said about your brand, you have an opportunity to quickly turn negatives into positives. If you are able to use Twitter to respond quickly to customer concerns, your social media marketing will allow you to head off the negatives of the problem and instead, create a more powerful reputation for your brand due to your swift and responsive actions.

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