[Podcast]: The Power of Social Intelligence Insights

I was delighted to be interviewed by Dee Stirling on her series, Double Espresso with Dee, Inspiring Stories of Change and Personal Growth. Here we discussed how I got into social intelligence and what individuals and businesses can learn from social insights. It was a pleasure to speak to Dee about life and work. Dee’s podcasts include stories of reinvention and inspiring career pivots, to the dramatic shifts that happen in moments of crisis, this season on change explores how we feel at that crucial point of creating new lives for ourselves, and what we can learn from the experiences of others.

In this podcast, I explain what social intelligence is and how it helps businesses understand consumer behavior – how we analyze public conversations that have already happened, and how we do this globally in different languages. We talk about changes made by pandemic experience and how social intelligence replaced traditional research technics such as focus groups. I discuss with Dee how my career has evolved along with the tech industry and perspectives on data privacy and mass data collection and why she thinks that concern is misplaced.


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