Social Intelligence

The difference between Social Media Listening, Social Media Analytics and Social Intelligence

While these terms are often used interchangeably – they are actually different in terms of their strategies, process and outcomes. Social Media Listening  (or “Social Listening”) is a structured approach to tuning into and listening to online conversations to answer business questions. To conduct social listening, you use a social...

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2015 Conferences for Social Listening, Social Analytics and Social Intelligence

As Social Media Intelligence, Listening and Analytics is a rapidly evolving field – most of the new learnings come from presentations and hallway discussions with peers. The information learned both formally and informally from peers and presentations is invaluable. United States Conferences for Social Intelligence, Social Listening & Social Analytics South...

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social listening for bullying

Viraj Puri, a 13 yr old teenager in Virginia is working to create a “bullying” heatmap using social listening data derived from conversations on Facebook and Twitter. He looks for conversations using the terms “bully” or “bullying”, looking at where and how they are used (positively or negatively) and is...

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