SILAB Panel Debate – What is social intelligence and how do I communicate the benefit to my organization?

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I’m excited to take part in this panel discussion, hosted by the Social Intelligence Lab.

A few of the problems that plague social intelligence are:

  1. The terminology: There’s so much terminology, does it all mean the same thing? Or are they different?
  2. Lots of use cases: The fact that social data can be used across the organization in many ways.
  3. Communicating value: our inability as an industry to succinctly communicate what we do and what value it has to the organization.

How can we get buy-in when we can’t explain our value simply? That’s what we will be tackling in this expert panel debate.

This is such an important topic and I’m delighted to share my experiences. I’ve found that it often helps to put it into perspective of the business, and where they are in their own experience social intelligence maturity cycle. Sharing use cases of how deep this research can go, how it can answer strategic business questions and how it’s often faster and cheaper than primary market research are all worth discussing in this panel.


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