Jackie Cuyvers Speaking at Social Media in the Pharma Industry Conference

I will be speaking at the “Social Media in the Pharma Industry” conference in January 2016. This two day conference is the largest European conference focused on Pharma & Healthcare Social Media. Attendees range from Pharma and Healthcare Marketing and Digital leads to Digital and Marketing experts from Agencies. It’s a great place to learn about and share insights around opportunities and best practices in Social Media strategy, tactics and implementation for Pharma and Healthcare organisations.

I’m presenting on day two and will be the last thing standing between attendees and lunch – so will be keen to stay focused and on point when sharing my presentation and answering any follow-up questions.

My presentation is on Social Listening in practice and the implications for Pharma. Specifically, it is “Leveraging Social Media for Patient Insights and Pharmacovigilance.” In this session I will focus on:

  • Harnessing Social Listening to understand patient’s: unmet needs, segments, adherence challenges as well as reactions and adverse events
  • The dangers of misinformation and picking up true adverse events from user comments
  • The value of language: Approaches to understanding regional and international differences in language