Social Media Monitoring Tools

It seems like there is a new tool announced daily to monitor your brand or social media mentions. They run the gamut from free to thousands of dollars a month. How can we keep track of it all? Ken Burbary has a great list he’s collecting in a wiki. I encourage you to bookmark his Master List of Social Media Monitoring Tools.

Looking at the free tools my favorite application that monitors all streams of social content is Social Mention, which is like Google Alerts, but for social media.

Of those that are platform specific, in this case Twitter – my current favorite is Twazzup. I was monitoring the #apple #ipad announcement in real time today on this tool and the coverage was quick and comprehensive.

What tools do you find most useful?


  1. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for writing about the SMM Wiki. I’m glad you found it useful and appreciate sharing it with your readers.


    • Thanks Ken, I’ve referred quite a few people to the great resource you’ve collected – I would love to see another column field added for price range. It wouldn’t need to have the exact dollar amount as I know that’s subject to change, but perhaps a scale like restaurants often have. In this case perhaps: Free, $, $$, $$$, $$$$

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